Obsessive Pursuit of the Combination of Business, Art and Technology.

How many years of experience in art/designing?

I have learn traditional Chinese painting for 8 years, cartoon and sketching for 5 years, and oil painting for 3 years.

I have design different types of content in my previous internships at an entertainment technology company, including fixed posters, dynamic posters, and videos. I also wrote posts/blogs for marketing campaigns. 

What kind of tools I am expert in?

I have proficiency in using content creation tools such as Adobe Indesign, PhotoShop, Procreate, Canvas, etc.

Also, I am familiar with tech-based art design, like AI drawing. This can be used to save content creation time and enrich the styles. 

Any prizes or certificates?

I have attended the Professional Grade Examination held by the China Art Education Association, and my profession was certificated in the following aspects:

Level 8 in Cartoon Design 

Level 8 in Oil Painting

Level 10 in Sketching(the highest level)